Appalachian Mountain Inspired Treats

Two Country Hens homemade snacks and treats are packed with layers of flavor; sourced from the best, freshest, local ingredients. Perfect for camping, trail rides, school lunch snacks or just enjoy with family and friends.



Scrumptious treats, homemade with love that you can taste in every bite.

Made in Clay County, NC; home of Hayesville, voted the friendliest town in the U.S.A.

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How We Began

How We Began

Two Country Hens, Inc., is a small but growing wholesale and now retail online company that is nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. My friend Pam and I started making our homemade recipes for our families years before they landed on the shelf for the public to enjoy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is our certification day in 2017. We had so much fun and love what we do.
Of course Cowboy boots are a must!!
As we were making our product to be sold, we came up with the names by naming them from places around us here in the mountains. It just fit our products and the love of our homeland.
Our little town of Hayesville, NC and the wonderful people that live here.

Hayesville has been voted the friendliest town in the USA.

  A little something else about
          us Southern Girls:

We are Passionate about our Business
We LOVE to laugh
We are creative
We change hair colors with the seasons!
We love the Appalachian Mountains!
We love cooking at the Coop
We’re constantly coming up with new ideas
We LOVE coffee
We “sometimes” like to cook in our slippers
We look cute in our hairnets!
Did I say we laugh? ALL the time?
We love ALL Animals
We search for the freshest ingredients.
We LOVE Two Country Hens
“She” loves cats and horses
And of course….she loves ME
I, love HER! She’s my sweet friend
I love dogs and kitties and horses and,….
We both love our children and grandchildren
We both love Jesus!!

Fresh pinto beans and green beans are so good with a fresh baked cake of cornbread. Pull you up some fresh onions or scallions and there is a meal worth a million dollars. No meat needed!

Our Guarantee……
We guarantee that our products are fresh, great tasting and will arrive to you in a timely manner. For all our wholesale customers, we will guarantee the sale of our products or we will take them back…..



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Growing up in the South, I’ve always been told I had a very prominent southern “accent”. It never bothered me to be told that, as, well, I’m from the South! It really sticks out like a sore thumb when I travel North or other areas of the United States. Traveling abroad is even worse. To me though, being Southern, the Northerners have an accent. It’s all according to where you have been raised.
Until I moved to the Appalachian Mountains, I had never heard a “local” speak. Let me put it this way, you can definitely tell the locals from the non-locals! But think about it…it’s that way most everywhere. We tend to carry on the legacies, traditions, accents, culture of where we were raised. That’s what makes us unique to the rest of the world. That part of our identity. Well the same is to be said here in the Appalachian Mountains. You speak to someone born and raised in these parts, you may find yourself paying extra close attention as you carry on a conversation, listening carefully so you can follow along, but then, they’re probably having to do the same with you! When it’s all said and done though, we are all a product of the area we grew up in.
As a Mother and Grandmother, it has become so important to me to leave a legacy behind. One with solid values, that show to future generations what I stand for. Where I lived, how I lived, where I grew up, my beliefs and my ways of life. Here at Two Country Hens, Inc., we find ourselves sharing with one another knowledge of how our Grandmothers did one thing or another, or the recipe that one of us grew up on. We have commonalities and we have differences, and what makes it so wonderful is that we put those ideas together, and come up with our own recipes, techniques and ideas that can be passed on to our future generations.
Come up and visit this sweet part of the United States. Where time has stood still in some places. Where the history is rich, and the Mountains still majestic hold the secrets of time. For the locals….and for us.
We have some new recipes coming out soon, so be sure to visit us again here at the Hen House, follow us on Facebook, Like & Share our page! Help us get the word out there!

There is nothing more fun than to catch a chicken….
except to watch your grand-baby catch one!!!

Let’s Connect

Contact the Hens
Phone: 828-541-9455 or 828-389-1499
Mail: 3733 NC 69
Hayesville, NC 28904
Facebook: twocountryhensinc@hennumber2

Grandaddy Mimms Moonshine Distillery
161 Pappy’s Plaza
Blairsville, GA 30512

Mountain Valley Country Store
670 NC 69
Hayesville, NC 28904

Appalachian Mercantile
158 Everett St.
Bryson City, NC 28713

Hillcrest Apple Orchards
9696 Hwy. 52 E. Elijah
Elijah, GA 30536

Sunrise Grocery
7568 Gainsville Hwy.
Blairsville, GA 30512

Market Place Antiques
41 Peachtree Street
Murphy, NC 28906
(828) 361-1123

Creations Salon
448 Hwy 64 Business
Hayesville, NC 28904
(828) 389-6137

The Shabby Peacock

49-B Blue Ridge Street
Blairsville, GA 30512
(706) 994-9972
facebook: theshabbypeacock

Ole Cupboard Antiques
818 Hwy 64 Business
Hayesville, NC 28904
(828) 389-4281
facebook: olecupboardantiques

Always remember, we are Retail and Wholesale. Please don’t hesitate to call me at anytime with questions. Love to hear from you.

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