Follow the Hens!!

I know I’m just a little thang but I love those Country Hens. So, I’m gonna follow them girls where ever they go. If you’d like to follow them with me…let’s go!


Come visit the Hens at the Sweetheart Arts and Craft Show inside the beautiful Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa. It is located in Young Harris, GA. The Resort will be filled with so many beautiful homemade items but best of all….The Two Country Hens will be there handing out our scrumptious samples. Oh…And yes, we will be stocked up for you to buy too!

Be there:
February 1st, Friday 10AM-5PM
February 2nd, Saturday 10AM-5PM
February 3rd, Sunday 10AM-3PM

Well Hen #2 got sick and couldn’t make it to the Sweetheart Show (Bless her heart). So, I called my Mamma-Wanna-B “Kay” and she came a runnin. Not to mention, she bought my dinner too! We had a blast. Met a lot of great people from all around. Sold a lot of products and of course bought a lot of products. At local craft shows, it always amazes me at how talented so many people are. I love it and hope to see you at the next show.


You can’t miss this annual event. It has a beauty homemade Christmas items made by locals from jewelry to garden decor. There are also items that are for regular everyday needs for home and garden. Two Country Hens will be there with our delicious homemade products for all to try and take home. Remember we sell on Amazon along with our website and drop ship for any occasion. So come have a fun day in Hayesville and see our Majestic Appalachian Mountain homes that is surrounds our beautiful little town.

A day at Mercier Orchards

Here we are having a blast giving out our samples at one of our favorite customers establishment. The Mercier Apple Orchards here in Blueridge, GA. A place everyone must stop, eat, shop and see the beautiful orchard. It really is amazing.

We are so thrilled with our business and the growth we are experiencing! We ask that you visit our Facebook Page, Like and Share with your friends! Lisa and I have been hard at work preparing so many goodies, homegrown and made with love from our new Certified Kitchen right here in Hayesville, North Carolina. The Appalachian Mountains surrounding us and the smell of nuts and granola roasting in the oven is pure Heaven!

Thank you all for your support! You may go to and order retail or wholesale. On our website there is a list of our other Merchants near and far that are carrying our products, for which we are so thankful!


Well we had another great show…March 9th and 10th. Miss Kay and I always have a blast handing out samples and talking to people all over the country and some from out of the country. Love to hear their stories. Well, I’m happy to say I met this wonderful lady named Angel Dobs. She owns Urban Farm Girl, located at 580 Atlanta Rd. Ste.#20 in Cumming, Ga. You must stop and see this place…it is wonderful. She now carries the Two Country Hens and I am so proud to be in her establishment. You can also visit her on her

and mine 🙂


Welcome to the Show!

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