Old Fashion Toasted Corn “BBQ Style”


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Do you remember as a kid eating the Toasted Corn at your gramm’a house? Toasted Corn is whole corn kernels soaked in water, then roasted and lightly salted to create a crunchy, tasty munchie. Popcorn can’t compete with these toasted corn nuts. These are a BBQ flavor that is so darn good. But I do have them in Regular flavor. I ate so many of these as a kid, I thought I was going to brake all my teeth out. But I say…it just made them stronger. So, I thought I’d bring them back. I’ve put them in a small 2 oz. bag just enough to curb your appetite for these crunchy little addictive things. Since it takes longer to chew them, you don’t eat as many.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 in


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