Chunky Gal Trail Mix


Chunky Gal is for the dark chocolate lovers. This trail mix consist of true dark yummy chunks of Belgium chocolate that we chop into the perfect chunks for snacking. Adding pecans and walnuts along with the best of yogurt covered pretzels and big juicy blueberries. This is a delicious 8 oz. bag of trail mix you will not want to share.


The Story of Chunky Gal Mountain: 

A curvaceous and amply blessed Indian Princess, who was the envy of all the other Indian girls, lived on Shooting Creek in the Tusquittee Mountains. She fell in love with a handsome Indian Chief from another tribe and ran off with him to get married. Her father was very unhappy and went out to find her.  When the Indian Princess and her handsome Chief stopped to rest, her father found them and made her return.  A short time later she ran off to be with her love once again and made it all the way to Flat top mountain. But had become very weak from her long journey and could no longer go on. As she laid her head upon the rocks, and gave her last breath, the Indian Chief found his Princess and wept. Before the Chief laid his love to rest, he placed her favorite flowers, seeds, and berries in her hair. After the Chief mourned, he left the mountain to wonder the trails with the memory of his love. From that moment on, all the tribes knew where the Princess laid, and Chunky Gal Mountain was born. So, please enjoy our Chunky Gal Trail Mix with your love along the trail of life!

Additional information

Dimensions 3.5 × 2.5 × 8 in

Pecans, Walnuts, Blueberries, Chocolate Chuncks, Yogurt Pretzels


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