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Good morning from North Carolina! It’s 36 degrees outside, but toasty warm in our coop!!
Can you believe that it’s almost November!!?? So crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun!
The Hens have had such a wonderful and prosperous year! As you know, we are also the Hotdog girls, at the Hot Dog Hut inside the beautiful Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds too! Let me tell you that EVERY time the Fairgrounds have an event, we are open and serving everything from Breakfast Sliders, to Chili Dogs, Chicago Dogs and our popular Cowboy Caviar! Our fresh squeezed lemonade, our iced coffees and loaded Baked Potatoes served in a waffle cone have also become customer favorites!
Hen #2 has been struggling with some health issues, had to get her wing “clipped “ again and is now on the road to recovery. I assure you it will not keep me down long. I want to personally thank Miss Kay for filling in for me. The next event, The Rooster And Hen#2 will be back ready to rock and roll!!
Did you know that our chili is homemade and canned by us??! Our Lemonade is FRESH SQUEEZED! Our new moonshine apple butter, moonshine mixed berry jam, and our moonshine mustards sell out at every event! (Which makes us so happy)
As we begin to settle into the Winter months, Hen #1 and I will be inside the warm coop to begin prepping products for next year. We will be canning our chili, all our mustards, jams and jellies and preparing our granolas, trailmix and crackers!! So, don’t forget that we have a website at and we will ship for free with orders over $25.
With all that’s going on in the world today, let us make your Christmas shopping easier! We can put together beautiful baskets featuring the products of your choosing!
Thank you for your continued support of our small business! We look forward to a continued relationship with all of you as we expand and grow!
God bless to you all!!!