Bootleggers amung us!!!

The Hens kitchen is still a hoppin! We just delivered a large order to one of our favorite places around. Grandaddy Mimms Moonshine Distillery. They stock our wonderful Firescreek Crackers which they purchase in 10

Almost a new year?

Christmas is over and now a new year is upon us. We are all thinking of what we are going to change or start to make our lives better. Well, I know what the hens

Happy 4th of July from the Hen House

I want to first say Happy 4th of July and hope all are having a great day outdoors! It is a beautiful day here in the Appalachian Mountains and great to be alive. I’ve been

Two Country Hens on AMAZON?

The Two Country Hens are still working their fingers to the bones getting orders out. The website and now Amazon is on fire. If you have had any of my products and like to

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